I’ve collated a gallery of locations I have held sessions at previously for those who are unsure on where to have your session.
These locations have beautiful natural textures adding depth to your images along with gorgeous golden light. Pick a location that suits your family and the things you like to do together.

Beach Locations:

City Beach
Golden grasses, white sand and open beach space with plenty of room to be away from other people. This location offers soft tones at sunrise sessions.

Trigg Beach
Setting sun, moody rocks and rock pools (dependant on tides). This location is also great for sunrise sessions.

South Fremantle

Open beach space with small rocky point providing some texture and variety to final gallery images. This location gives more space suitable for family sessions.

River Locations

Blackwall Reach, Bicton
Riverside location with small jetty, limestone cliffs and moured boats.
Perfect for those who like the water without the waves. This location gives a bit more texture than an open beach.

Riverside location, with stunning limestone cliffs. Note this location is tidal so it is best to get me to check the high tide for the day of your session.

Point Walter, Bicton
Riverside location, with rocky areas and open white sand bar.

Grassy Locations

Bells Lookout, Brigadoon
A grassy hillside location with views over the Swan Valley and the setting sun over the coast. This location is better suited to solo/couples maternity or small families of 3 people due to the size of the location and steep hillside. This location is filled with golden grass in the warmer summer months (November to late summer/autumn). Winter and spring it is lush with green grasses and shrubs.

Guildford and Bassendean
These two locations are very subjective to the seasons and the weather in the weeks leading up to your session and this really dictates what the final images will look like. Grasses are usually dry and golden from November through to late February/early March. For the remainder of the year the grass is usually slow growing and green.


This bush location is great for intimate sessions such as maternity and is great in the winter months when the water is flowing. It is approx a 500m walk up an incline on a gravel path, this location provides pockets of varied landscape.