This motherhood photo session with Em & Freddie was focussed on the everyday; the moments that fill our days as mums.

I wanted to focus on their bond, the beautiful yet simple raw moments that our days are filled with.  The moments where your babes are intwined in your legs or at your feet. You are chasing them around the house, giving them kisses, the details you are soaking for tomorrow it will be a little different.

It wasn’t about having the perfect home or chasing the perfect sunset.
This was wholeheartedly time to relish in how amazing these moments we get to enjoy every day truly are.


This style of session suited Em’s laid back vibe. We spend a couple of hours in the morning light documenting their days and here are some of the moments we captured.

“I want them to reminisce on all the fun. You will usually find us dancing around the house to some 80’s song or squealing down the hallways in a wild car chase. Our house is totally wild with love and enthusiasm and I love that.”


Think you would like the moments of your days at home with your babes captured? Let’s chat and tell your story.

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