Client Guide

Hello! I am so thankful for you choosing me to be involved in this beautiful time in your life. These days are so precious with our kids and it is so important to document your story.

I’ve created this to guide to help provide you with as much information as I can before your session. If I haven’t answered your query in the below or in my Session Guide, please get in touch over email


Please ensure you return your Client questionnaire found in your Client portal as soon as you can.  This helps me get to know you and your family before the day.  Try and provide as much detail as you can; sometimes me knowing that your toddler loves baby shark can come in handy!

This questionnaire will also help you detail what you want from your session, any creative ideas you have or something in particular you are wanting to achieve. This way we can chat about it and make it happen!

One week before the session your remainder payment will be due. 
Approx 2 or 3 days prior to the session date I will get in touch with you via email to confirm the session date, time, location and let you know where to meet me on the day

What to wear:

What your family wear in a lifestyle session is a key element in the overall look and feel of the images.  I like to suggest muted tones and dress for the weather. Textures always photograph beautifully and winter layers of knits add lovely depth.  Bold/bright colours and clothing with visual graphics/wording can take away from the emotions and connection within an image. Pick pieces that suit the environment your session is in too.

If you are struggling to decide on outfits, it is often easier to pick one person’s outfit and work off that for the other people in the session. 

I have created a couple of Pinterest boards (you can find them here) with ideal colour palettes that suit family and motherhood sessions.  Ultimately what you choose to wear needs to reflect who you are and who each person’s personality – we are all unique after all.  Try to choose colour tones that compliment each other but aren’t all matching.  Choose a variety of textures and fabrics; look for knits, lace, sheers, linen for warmth in your photos.  I like to suggest picking one patterned piece to every 2 to 3 plain coloured pieces.

Ensure everyone is comfortable in what they are wearing; shoes that rub or itchy materials can get kids grumpy, so sometimes a little bit of planning can make for a more relaxed lead up to your session. 

Outdoor Sessions

What to bring:

Feel free to bring snacks and water for the kid(s), any special toy they just can’t live without.  Dry snacks or mess free snacks are great for young kids and toddlers.   I will have a backpack available for your car keys and mobile phones and any essentials for the session. Sometimes a back up outfit in the car can be handy for any accidents or when dipping their toes in the water turns into a swim! 

Feel free to bring any swaddles or wraps to an outdoor newborn session, moses baskets etc. If you want to snuggle your babes on a rug during your session and have a rug that would be perfect then bring it along!

Your session day:

Please try and arrive 5 minutes before your session start time, just in case. 
Before we start your session, we will have a quick chat and get to know everyone and then we will get moving and relaxed.  The session is a chance for you to be present as such and spend your time soaking those your love.  Soak in that your new baby and their tiny details, take a moment to reflect on how you got where you are today, watch your kids play and see how they take in their surrounds.  Embrace the time together and the moments – this will give you the photos that make your heart jump because what you see and feel everyday has been captured forever.

During the session I will guide you into nice light or areas as the session flows.  For family sessions, we may sneak off to a separate spot for some one on one photos with your babes for those cuddly moments. 

Please don’t be worried if your children aren’t in the mood on the day.  Usually in outdoor settings, the fresh air can help and letting them take their time to explore.  I have 2 kids myself and don’t have expectations on them.  Let them know before you arrive what you will be doing and who I am to ease any shyness they may have.  Often giving them time to explore without restrictions and some one on one time with mum or dad usually helps.  We can also stop for a snack break to regroup!

In Home Sessions

What rooms should we use in my home?

I always suggest picking 2 or 3 rooms/areas in your home that have your heart.  This could be your new babie’s nursery, your favourite chair by a sunny window. 

What to do to prepare:

In the rooms you are wanting to use for the session, spend 5 minutes to quickly move and declutter any items that you don’t want or need in your photos.  You don’t need to have a perfect clean and tidy house by any means; we don’t want items detracting away from the moment. 

Your session day:

I will arrive for the session and would love to meet everyone in the family.  If you child has a pet they absolutely love and usually show everyone, encourage them to show me.  Inviting strangers into your home is not very normal for kids so having some time for them to warm up is important.
We will walk through the rooms you are wanting to use and further discuss any areas in your home or possessions you would love included in the session. 


We can reschedule your session if the weather isn’t looking great! Dark moody clouds and wind looks good in outdoor shoots and we will continue with the session! However, if it rains, hails, etc. I will contact you as soon as possible to postpone or reschedule.  I will keep an eye on the weather in the days leading up to your session and will decide the morning of your session if we reschedule or go ahead.

Sometimes things happen out of our control. I will do my best to accomodate you and organise another session. However, all booking fees are non-refundable (of course, unfortunate circumstances will be considered).

Session duration:

The day of the session, please block off 1-1.5 hours. Typically 1 hour for an outdoor family session is more than sufficient with a break during the session.  For an in home session please block out approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for the session.  I like to meet everyone in the family first and make sure kids are at ease with me being there.  I also like to walk through your home with you and go over the rooms you would like to use.  If you have an unsettled baby or kids, we always have time up our sleeve to work through it.  I’ve got 2 babes myself so I understand sometimes they just need a break!

When to expect your gallery:

I like to share a preview of one of the photos taken within 1 week from your session and I try to deliver galleries within 3 weeks from the session date, which will be sent to you via email.  You will be provided with a link to your gallery and instructions on how to access your gallery.

Do I provide raw images?

Every photo and individual edit is a piece of my art.  I only provide images that have been edited to you to keep. 

Storing your gallery:

Your gallery with remain accessible and online via the link provided for 1 month.  Please ensure you save all of your images from your gallery to at least 2 places – 3 is best!  Utilise cloud services to keep back up copies for you. 

Using the images:

You can download images from your gallery in high resolution (for printing) and low resolution which is perfect to share on social media, use as your phone screen saver etc. 
All images provided to you are Copyright to Stories of Kin and I request that you credit me (either via referencing my website or ‘tag’ me on social media) in any images you choose to share. 


Should you wish to arrange for your own printing of your images from the session, I can assist you with this. You will have access the professional print lab I use for my personal and Client work through your gallery on Pixieset.
I strongly recommend using a professional printer rather than places like Kmart etc as the professional labs calibrate their machines often to ensure you are provided with photos that are true to colour and are on quality paper that will last.

I am looking forward to spending time with your family and providing you with beautiful photos that reflect your everyday and your story as it is today.

If you need anything else, please get in touch.

x Pippa x