My story

After the arrival of my second child, I felt like the pressures of being a mum with a newborn weren’t there like they are your first child. It was a second chance; a second chance to soak in her every detail, to sit and just be with her…not worrying about all of the other things. I sat and rocked her, I cuddled her to sleep, I did all the things that you are usually told not to do. I was living for these moments and felt so incredibly blessed and grateful to be experiencing it and I wasn’t going to let it go by without truly soaking it in…every last moment and detail.

I couldn’t let this season be forgotten; because once the details are forgotten or the moment has gone, how I felt during that time would be lost. I’m forever documenting the simple moments at home like the cuddles between my girls, their little legs dangling under the high chair, that curl in their hair that I seem to wrap around my finger without knowing…. I never want to forget these moments and how they felt, the ones that have passed, the ones that fill me with pride, sadness, happiness and everything in between. A photograph is a ticket back to that moment, to relive those feelings and emotions.

I feel the importance of documenting my own family’s story and of those who value the time we have in each season. Each family is unique, each story is like no other. The feelings that come with these moments deserve to be etched into your brain forever, to remember long after that moment is gone. The feeling of contentment, how you soften when they sit in your lap or come in close to cuddle. These are the moments that matter and are the ones you will long for once gone.

I am so passionate about unravelling the feelings in our motherhood journey and capturing the true connections through family photography. These moments are so fleeting and they weave through your story. Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins


my everyday nostalgia

my favourite moment of the day is bath time for my girls; the feeling of a warm cuddle when you wrap them up in a towel and soaking them all in.

my everyday nostalgia

I never want to forget the little curls in my girls hair, the way my littlest nestles her face in and cuddle my legs, how small their hands and feet are and how that feels when they entwine their fingers in mine when they hold my hand.

my everyday nostalgia

I love the super fine hair that always falls in my eldest's girls face...the way she giggles when I give her a butterfly kiss

Image one, four and seven were captured by Jolyn of Jolyn Shepherd Photography